The G10+ mobile application for BlackBerry10 provides authorized access to your Google+, Google Drive, People and Google Photos accounts. Permission is needed before access to user information is guaranteed.

G10+ uses the global access mechanism, OAuth 2.0 to obtain access to your Google+ profile, Drive and Photo account and therefore requires that you authorize the app first before you can use the app.

Before now, G10+ works, requiring only your Google account permissions, however, as of BlackBerry 10.3.3 and later, G10+ won’t work unless you import an encryption (SSL) certificate into BlackBerry 10 for your local device (localhost). This protects you from having your access tokens stolen in transit, Google OAuth2 sets a browser flag which demands an encrypted connection when authorizing. Prior to Blackberry 10.3.3, the system browser ignored this flag, allowing G10+ to use an un-encrypted HTTP authorization server on localhost (IP address on your BlackBerry device), but from the 10.3.3 OS version onward G10+ must run an encrypted HTTPS authorization server for you to be able to connect to your Google account.

Web sites that use OAuth2 can get their SSL encryption certificates from an official certificate authority (CA), but a CA cannot issue a certificate for localhost so that method won’t work for OAuth2 in a mobile app. Instead, G10+ must use a ‘self-signed’ certificate, but the drawback is that this type of certificate must be manually imported onto the device as it can’t rely on a CA for verification.

The certificate which needs to be installed is self-signed by jendorskiLabs and is only valid for localhost. You can inspect the certificate settings before installing it from the Certificate Details page and abort the installation if you don’t feel safe adding it to your device. If you choose not to install the certificate, then G10+ wont work, for BlackBerry 10.3.3 and above.

If you do install the certificate you can remove it whenever you like by going to Settings => Security and Privacy => Certificates and look for the certificate titled ‘localhost’. Removing the localhost certificate will prevent G10+ from working. Note that SSL encryption for the OAuth2 authorization server is enforced by Google on BlackBerry 10.3.3 and higher, and cannot be overridden by G10+.

After authorization, the Google servers (API) will grant the app access and refresh tokens which will be used to obtain access to your information. The access token, provides short-lived access and must be refreshed by exchanging the refresh token to get a new access token, therefore, when you re-launch the app, a toast pops up that read “Re-authorize app to obtain access”, it means that:

  • Either the access token has expired, which the installed OAuth 2.0 library will automatically exchange for a new one and the you can refresh the app for details by clicking the refresh button which can be found by the rightmost side of the Action Bar or pressing the key ‘r’ if you use the BlackBerry 10 physical keyboard device,
  • Or, the refresh token has also expired, which will require that you authorize the app by swiping down from the top of the app, click the settings button and click the re-authorize / un-authorize button,
  • Or, you have not authorized the app at all.

Consequentially, in order to use the app after it has been re-launched, press the refresh button on the rightmost side of the Action Bar or press key ‘r’ if you use the BlackBerry 10 physical keyboard device.


In G10+, your Google+ profile can be viewed as well as other public profiles.
To view other Profiles, press the search button by the rightmost side of the Action Bar or press the key ‘s’ if you use the BlackBerry 10 physical keyboard device.

In the home tab is where all your activities are listed. That is, all your status updates, photo, video, link and event messages are displayed here. On clicking any of the status or activity allows you to access more information about such an activity, people who liked, shared or wrote comments about your updates. You can also share the activity to BBM and other social networks.

Peoples tab lists all of the contacts you have added to your account. You can also view their profiles, their publicly shared activities.

The Profile tab displays your profile along side other information such as name, Organisation, links connected to your profile, background about you, etc.

provides a platform for which you can upload, share, download and manage your files.

allows you to view, share and manage your photos and albums. You can also upload videos.
The app supports all devices that uses the BlackBerry10 OS and the PlayBook and can be downloaded via the BlackBerry AppWorld here.
G10+ enables you to enjoy Google Products, namely Google+ for which the app was named for, Google Photos and Google Drive.

Please see the FAQs for answers to general questions and you can drop your comments, reviews below.

For enquiries please contact jendorskiLabs, jendorskilabs@gmail.com


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