Our Apps; An Introduction.

Welcome to the site for jendorskiLabs, BlackBerry 10 & Android app developer. For more information, inquiries, please send a mail.

Our very first BlackBerry 10 mobile application, the G10+ embodies three distinguished products of Google, namely:

  1. Google+,
  2. Google Drive, and
  3. Google Photos.



G10+ combines the trio of the above services into an app with excellent performance. Among its many features are:

  • View your profile
  • View other user profiles
  • View, share your activities
  • View, share other public activities
  • Search Peoples, Activities and Profiles
  • Share, Download and Upload files to your Drive
  • Share, Download and Upload Pictures, Videos to your Photos
  • and much more.

For  questions about the G10+ app, see the FAQs.



LoLA  is an Android application that offers real-time statistics of your matches, champion-masteries. LoLA offers a simplistic and generalist view of your game play in the Rift and much more.

Coming soon on Android App stores, world-wide.

For inquiries, please contact jendorskiLabs.